The Snil!!!! (By Bailey)

Bailey has been spending some serious time on the ‘pacuter’ typing out her story, so sharing it here so we can enjoy this forever. I just adore her spelling. She has no fear! The story is about a snail who raced a cheetah. Enjoy.


The Snil!!!!

Wons  thar  wos a snil and he wos the fast  in  the  wrold  he raste a cheeto and he won (he cheedtid olot) this is how he cheedtid he electrified his salf so he won ethee game.that wos gast so you no that he won ethee  game.    That wos port 1. Now you wil git to no his name his name is siopoke bot isit don don duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now it is port 2 this is how old he is 1 i nowe wot you or thingcing how can he ran won he is 1 naxt port  you will know .port 3 know you will no so this is how wan he wos 10 he dint know how to do eneesing  so the god  trd him dak to a know you know how that hapind . it is thinlee . the end.

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