Lewis’s wonderful, gory story written with some real personality.

Written By L.P.G.
Inspired by “How To Train your DRAGON”

                                                   Part 1                                                 Once upon the world earth,there was a caveboy named Jef(who is very stinky.).One day his mother(whose name happened to Authrok.),who was the best hunter of all cave people came into the hut and yelled “JEF!!!!””What!”said Jef.”come and listen now.”jef came out of the hut and followed his mother to the…ABANDONED CAVE,dun dun duuuun!then his mother said”listen.””okay.”said Jef.he listened and heard…squeak,squeak.then something hit him in the butt so hard he fell over and started to roll,for the cave was down hill.10 minutes later he came out.he found his mother waiting for him laughing”ha ha ha ha I slapped you in the butt,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”                                                   
Part 2

When Jef got home he asked his mother”what’s for dinner,mom.””you pick Jef.how about your favorite food.””oh,heh,um about that,what’s my favorite food?”and with that said she punched him in the face(and as you know she is the strongest cave person.)so hard he fell over and got knocked out.now,after that something very strange happened.jef seemed to begin to morph into an old man (with a staff.) and woke up.

The battle:As he stood up he shook his beard like a dog and said”hello,i am Muran.maker of death and murderer of your son and father.”Athrok gasped for she knew muran,because he killed her father!she raged and got her two hammers and got ready for battle.the first blow came from Muran,he struck so hard he almost knocked Athrok over.now she was mad,she threw one of her hammers,it broke his staff into smithereens.and with that,Muran first looked at the splintered staff bits and then at his toe lying a few feet away.then he…you guessed it,he ran for his life(which endsssssssss,now.).but the battle wasn’t over yet.just as he got out of the cave doorway athrok threw the second hammer which wheeled through the air…and cracked Murans skull in half,brain matter splattered everywhere,a young caveboy(who i’m sorry to say is murans son.)happened to be walking by and saw when Athrok cracked murans skull in two.


Now,you’re probably wondering what happened in the Abandoned cave for those short 10 min.Guess…aaaaaaaand now,okay now since you’ve taken a guess i’ll tell you what really happened:as Jef rolled down the cave floor he kept on hearing that same,squeak squeak.when he got to the bottom of the cave he found a stand with a few potions on it.the colors were:yellow,purple,green,and orange.which would you drink?well,Jef drank the purple one and…he heard a riiiiiiip and then looked behind him to see what it was.It turned out to be that he sprouted a prehensile tail!and wings!he thought it would be a good time to test them out,so he did.he started with flying around the room a little.it took some time but finally when he was verge of giving up,he took one more try and…flew up to the nearest stalactite,and Jef just hovered there for a minute,and then used his tail to grab the stalactite and took a nap like a bat.and right when he fell asleep a man by the name of Muran lurked out of the shadows and shape shifted into a basilisk and ate jef.after that,Muran belched and shape shifted into Jef.out the cave he went.


You’ll find out what the other potions do in the next three books.now let’s continue the story:after muran got killed,two things crawled out of his head;a little man and after him was a child.when they got fully out they started to grow into normal human size.that’s when she knew who they were.”JEF,OLGAR!”she sobbed.she ran to hug them.they embraced her to.and they lived happily ever after…NOT!bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!

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