A weekend with Lewis

This is sorta the second part of the previous post on a weekend with Art in Arkansas. A week later Lewis and I left this past Friday night and returned Sunday for a weekend at the cottage (4-hrs away in Wisconsin). Caught many fish tiny, ate tasty indulgent things, played chess, were bored together. There were no other children to share his Papa with. Lewis gets what he’s literally never had before, my undivided attention for a couple days.

Now I think the same is true for the girls. Often we wrap them together as on unit, ‘the girls’. But the idea of taking just one girl to the cottage for the weekend would be pretty amazing and fun. For either parent! They so rarely experience the world independent from their twin, could be pretty fun for them! That’ll be next somehow.

Here are some photos from me and Lewis’ weekend adventure.

We caught a few dozen fish and returned them all (except one!).

The photo I texted Jessica after arriving 1am Friday night. A nice sight for a tired driver.

At Ray’s Close-Outs in downtown Hancock, Wisconsin. 

Lewis, our budding naturalist, found this next in the reeds by the beach.

Lewis actually beat me fair and sqaure in one of the three games we played. I was focusing on attacking his king and them bam, his queen flew over and check mated me. What!? Told him not to tell ANYONE I was beaten by a 7-year-old in chess.

Lewis has inherited the same inner-pryo his father has.

The one large fish that we ate. I should’ve filleted it but chopping off it’s head and throwing it on the grill is so much easier and requires less knife-skills which I lack.
Part of the cottage experience is all about FOOD. And I got a trio of Lewis’ favorite vegetables. We also had sugary cereal, watermelon, brats, frozen pizza, chips and in my case, Sulry Furious beer.

On the drive home we stopped to take a little nature walk/run in nature.

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