A weekend with Art

It is rare that any child in our family gets alone time with one adult. Four kids, so much to do, so little time. There’s a constant jockeying and competition for our attention and it can be burden on the kids and also on their parents! So it’s with this in mind I write to share the first of a couple special weekends each boy had of late where memories were made.

Jessica stays at home and is old news! And it’s not fair! She’s amazing and the rocks of our family, we all love and rely on her so much. But since she’s usually around and she’s sorta less sparkly and new in the kids eyes. It’s a bummer but it’s also just the way it is right now in our lives. So a weekend with just Papa is an especially extraordinary and fun thing for these boys. Last weekend Arthur joined as we traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas, my childhood home, to attend (and me photograph) my cousin Hanna’s wedding. 20 hours in the car together, playing in Arkansas, eating out at fancy restaurants like Taco Bell, watching scary movies, some memories were made and special time had.

It took about 3 minutes for Arthur to get into Nanna’s hot tub once we arrived.

Somebody we saved from a gory, squishy death on the road.

Wendy’s art

On the return trip I download a couple movies ahead of time. Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. Two movies Art can’t watch at home cause he has littler siblings. Jurassic Park was especially awesome and scary and fun.

A group photo from my cousin Hannah’s wedding. Lots of people I love in this photo! Can you find Art?
As usual I failed to get a decent photos of Art with my beautiful mother Nan. But there is this on her backporch. She’s a master gardender in my view. Don’t you just love that bush in the background? So beautiul!

Lastly, a photo of Sam Miller. Art and I were eating at a crappy-ish Mexican restaurant in Carthage, MO, when i saw this fellow across the room struggling to breathe. I checked in with him and helped him unfreeze his oxygen tank by dousing it in water. Once the O2 began to flow we sat down and chatted for a while. A wonderful old man and someone Art and I will remember a long time.

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