Chapter 3: Devil’s Den

I grew up going to Devil’s Den on the weekends for swimming and hiking. It’s fantastic state park about about 45 minutes from Fayetteville, my home town. I took the boys during spring break and then we all went on this recent trip. The above photos is of a tired Lewis and his momma atop the gorgeous Yellow Rock trail. And here’s a gorgeous spider we found:

Here are Jess and the boys exploring the dry river bed

Arthur and Jessica were especially fascianted with all the old crumbling structures along the back roads in Arkanasas. So we stopped and explored one. There was actually a little stack of papers nearby with a poem someone had written that was inspired by this little house. I wish I had saved it and shared it here, it was great.

It was a hot, tiring day, as evidenced by the passed out nature of everyone in the car on the way back.

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