Blog note

Every once in a while we’ll find a kid or two on the computer looking at the blog. Reading past posts, looking at photos, remembering what it was like “when they were a kid”. The posts go back to the day Art was born and have captured a plethora of moments and memories. The blog has ended up being a historic family document that the kids (and their parents) love to return to, and it’s why it will never die! Soon I’ll be switching the thing over to a Word Press blog, but the web address should stay the same.

Anyway, we admittedly been terribly absent on the blog of late. The duty of posting on this is now entirely on Ben’s shoulders, and he’s been doing other stuff like making a documentary film this year. BUT, I’m going to get back at it and post a number of photos over the next few weeks. Many will be older but new to our gazillion Follow Art fans.

Alright, there it is. thanks,

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