Art’s amazing soccer game

Art’s team had a bunch of people cancel last minute, they only had five players! Against 12 on the other team (8 on the field at once, so they were able to constantly rotate kids in and out to let them catch their breath). But Art’s teammates and coach didn’t have a break, they had to run nonstop. They didn’t forfeit, they tried their hardest. Were by a goal most of the game. Then came back and and won 3-4!!! It was really amazing and special moment for those five boys who just didn’t give up. Here are some photos.

Art’s coach Caleb was really great. He respected the kids, the kids respected him. And they played their hardest to make him proud

A tired Antonio.

A happy Art.


Emmett was an awe inspiring goalie, for real. His ma was proud.
Congrats kids.

And a couple photos from earlier in the year:

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