Poor Lewis got hurt

We have some hanging rings in our basement and one of them allows you to spin indefinitely, it’s kind of a heavy metal bar that spins with a ball join. And sadly it snapped completely out of the wood, the huge screw popped out. And the bar hit Lewis super hard in the face. And broke his nose. It’s very sad and I feel bad.  It was a scary moment, lots of blood and what not. Arthur felt bad it wasn’t him that got hurt. Lewis is an amazing sport and as cheerful as anyone could or should be in the situation.  On Monday he’ll go back to the doctor to get his nose adjusted, a procedure which requires him to get some happy-feeling gas. Luckily there will be no long-term damage but it’s still a bummer. Here he is in a photo Jessica took this morning.  Arthur in the other kids are enjoying noticing how his face is turning different colors every day. 

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