Thumbless sleepers

A few months ago the girls finally stopped sucking their thumbs. It was a hard couple days! 😦 We put this special yucky stuff (from the dentist’s office) on their thumbnails and it is truly horrible. We know cause we all put it our thumbs, too (except Lewis). I tried sucking my thumb and OHHH! So yucky! A few times Bailey would wake crying at night after it slipped in unconsciously, so sad. We employed a new policy that if  we would give them one spoonful of ice cream to take away the taste. The least we could do! Anyway, this is a photo of the first (or second?) night they went without sucking their thumbs. We let them sleep in our bed and Bailey insisted on wearing gloves just in case. It’s wonderful too see them try and comfort each other in hard moments in their life. They’re best friends.

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