Chapter 7: Nanna’s party in Fayetteville

While in Arkansas this past summer on our ‘Epic Vacation’ we spent a few nights at my ma’s in Fayetteville. She threw a big party in part because my dad and his wife Cynthia were in town from North Carolina. It was a big fun time and there were some old friends from years past who showed up, including this longtime family friend I love, Johnnette!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Pa and Ma were kind towards eachother and it touched me deeply. The little boy in me just loved seeing them together and expressing such good will and friendship.

And the same was true of Cynthia (my step-mother) and my ma. They’ve been friends for years but have naturally lost touch after my father married Cynthia and moved away. So nice to see those two amazing women together sharing memories and friendship.

My Aunt Jenny, right, with Cynthia.

My father meeting one of my mother’s best friends ever, Melody.

The kids were so excited to see Grandpa Tim. So hard to live so far apart!

Our childhood friend Tate Neyman (center) showed up. So fun to see him.

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