Fun with dry ice

Dry ice is so cool! And cheap. $13 for 10lbs of the stuff (Ace Ice in mpls, Jason’s Dry Ice in St Paul). Put it in a jar of warm soapy water and you have an amazing bubble machine with bubbles that pop into smoke. The big bubble above was made by sealing off the top off a bowl with a soapy cloth. Leave it in a jar of anything for a while and you have soda. Tried putting some in a bottle, sticking it on the back porch and waiting for an explosion… Nothing! So I went out to check it and BAM! Got a small boo boo on my leg. Kids, don’t ever do what your dumb Papa just did… Just putting it in a glass of water and watching all the bubbles and smoke was trance-inducing for our children. Cheap, slightly dangerous fun times were had at our house today.

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