Weekend at cottage with kid friends

Arthur and Lewis each brought a friend (Ottar and Josh) to the cottage for a few nights this weekend and it was such fun for everyone. I got to fish lots (we ate fish both nights!), the boys plays lots of Catan, made up weird games, swam all the time, they fished with me lots since fish were a-bitin’. Funniest was they walked to nearby campstore and apparently played weird pinball game for bouncy balls. Put a quarter in, get at least one, sometimes two bouncy balls. So they spent all their money on that and came back with pockets STUFFED with bouncy balls. 20-30 each. Then they traded like it was Halloween candy.

A bunch of photos from our recent visit to the Cottage.

A couple weeks at we had quick and lovely six day trip to Jessica’s family cottage in Wisconsin. The kids are getting old enough to do their own thing which makes whole thing much more enjoyable. Lugging diapers, cribs, all that crap is a burden no parent deserves. But now they can play at the water on their own, pour their own bowl of cereal, wipe their own butts, the list goes on and on! So it was a real vacation! Here are a bunch of photos.